Conozcamos a Julian Tudor Hart

Con este dibujo y el texto que sigue inicia el portal
hermosa iniciativa que nos cuenta la historia de esta magnífica persona e impresionante personalidad de la medicina general mundial.

Julian y Mary
Julian Tudor Hart is a retired family doctor, now working
occasionally as a research Fellow at the new Medical School in
Swansea, Wales. He is otherwise occupied in writing and lecturing
about health policy research in primary care, and the social
functions of health care. Through a long life, his unifying
theme has been application of Marxist
philosophy to primary health care.

This picture alas, is a fantasy. Julian never learned to dance,
but if he had, his first choice would have been the tango.

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Conocido por la ley de los cuidados inversos la contribución de Julian ha sido enorme. Actualmente tiene 87 años.
The inverse care law. Hart JT. The Inverse Care Law. Lancet 1971;i:405-12. Disponible en:

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